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Bizdata enables you to focus on your core areas while providing reliable and assured value added services. In order to tackle problems on a day-to-day basis, every organization has to be well equipped in addition to concentration on core business. Bizdata's strengths can be leveraged to provide these services to streamline operations.

Bizdata professionals are adequately qualified in regard to onsite consulting model which entails engagement of personnel on the client's premises - from initial consultation to maintenance and support.

Bizdata is well equipped to tackle all issues relating to offshore consulting model which involves project development from initial study to testing. Model of this nature works well in different scenarios where the goals are well defined and the deviation from the same is minimal. Our program manages are equipped to handle the management and communication aspects of the exercise so as to ensure that consulting goes according to schedule. With a dedicated project team, functioning with well defined parameters, cost effectiveness of the model is assured.

A well balanced combination of both onsite and offshore assures optimization of costs and maximization of efficiency. While the onsite team will engage with the clients directly as consultants, managers and developers, the offshore team would step in for interaction with the onsite team to provide additional critical inputs. The operational benefits of this combination are too many merit specific categorization.

Offshore development center Partnership Model
Bizdata recognizes customers who seek long term services and provides an ODC partnership model which involves installation of a committed offshore development unit which specific expertise in critical areas. Thus, continuity is assured at the same time taking into account the demands arising from client's time to market pressures.