Rajesh Kannan     President and founder
Rajesh Kannan is the President and founder of Bizdata. Rajesh has more than 8 years of experience building and architecting enterprise solutions. He was an architect for MicroWarehouse, NJ and was responsible for strategy and overall direction of technology related to running of the business.

He was instrumental in consolidating and restructuring disparate databases, designing and implementing a high transaction portal for MicroWarehouse and a custom web based sales order entry system integrated with the legacy Smith Gartner and Associates Mail Order and Cataloging System (MACS). The sales system replaced MACS and was used by more than 1500 sales associates to take in phone orders, provide online quotes, fast customer retrieval with facilities for cleansing, merging and purging customer data, retrieve real-time physical and virtual product inventory that vastly improved the efficieny and interaction with the customer. Rajesh has a master's degree in Math and Computer science from Indiana State University and a bachelor's degree in Chemical engineering.

Ramesh Kannan    Vice President
Ramesh Kannan is the Vice-President of Bizdata and is responsible for product design and business development. He was based in the US for more than 17 years and followed by a 2 year stint in the UK. As the International Product Director for DoubleClick Europe based from London.

Ramesh was responsible for the strategy and direction of the DoubleClick DART family of products for Europe and Asia. He was responsible for pricing, product and marketing strategy of DART products and was instrumental in sales strategy of the top agency and publisher clients for EMEA. In addition, he was a frequent speaker at industry events and associations in the UK such as AdTech, OPA, Admonsters and Rich Media Roundtable. He is a regular contributor to the Revolution Magazine and featured as recently as the November, 2005 issue titled "Masterclass: how to get banners right?". As the Product Director of Rich Media for DoubleClick New York, Ramesh was responsible for creation and launch of the "Motif" rich media business unit for DoubleClick. He was directly responsible for the strategic business relationship with Macromedia (now part of Adobe) and was the key driver in the joint product development between DoubleClick and Macromedia engineering teams. He was responsible for the sales and marketing strategy and product pricing. In addition, he was responsible for the acquisition of key strategic clients and driver of new clients for the business. The business grew from $0 to $15M business unit and is one of the strategic drivers of growth for Doubleclick today. While in the US, he was a regular contributor to Media Post and was a speaker at Streaming Media conferences, AdTech, Admonsters, Indian Online Association in Mumbai and several other industry events. In addition, Ramesh also served as the product director for the Media Visor planning product for agencies and product development of the DART for Publishers business units. Ramesh has a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey and an MBA from Columbia Business School, NY. In addition, Ramesh holds a Professional Engineering License from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Suresh Kannan    Chief Architect
Suresh Kannan is the Chief Architect of Bizdata and is responsible for the architecture and design of products and applications. A Microsoft veteran for the past 12 years at Redmond, WA, Suresh was instrumental in designing new products for Microsoft Office and MSN divisions.

Suresh has written numerous articles on database design and optimization methods. His article on optimizing the MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) which is the core engine that runs behind the scenes of Microsoft Universal Data Access is widely used today. The free download is available at the at Microsoft's UDA web site. Suresh has a Master's degree in Engineering from Ohio State University, Columbus, OH and a Bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology, India. His interests include hiking and windsurfing and recently went atop Mt. Kilimanjaro.