To change the world

Bizdata's services start with design and development of customized software applications to testing and maintenance of existing applications. We hasten not only to assure that our solutions would undoubtedly result in enhancing the efficacy of your present IT infrastructure but also provide multiple options to facilitate more varied experience and exposure to diverse technologies.

Application Development
Here the objective is to provide a sustained link between conception and reality. It is as much about technology as it is about conceptualizing business practices and processes. It hardly needs repetition that a mature software company is built on the edifice of quality as the touchstone. We provide application development in multiple areas serving diverse interests - client/server, web application development, and embedded systems.

Programming Services
Many of the well known software companies throughout the world are excellently equipped with in house designers and application architects but many of them are sadly lacking in regard to programming resources. Bizdata assures that its strength in this area is beyond question. Bizdata has expertise in building applications using databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2. We offer programming services in different environments like UNIX, Windows, JAVA and .NET supporting languages like C/C++, C#, Python, Perl and VB.

Database Maintenance and Migration
Information and data are the critical assets of any organization. The set of services offered by Bizdata in this regard is comprehensive with intrinsic value addition. Data integrity and security are assured and at the same time procedures and practices have been placed in position to facilitate migration or to maintain existing databases. Bizdata has experience in different database platforms:

  1. MS SQL Server
  2. Oracle
  3. MS SQL
  4. Informix
  5. DB2

Application Maintenance
Over a period, Bizdata has been able evolve a well tested process for offering maintenance services of applications in diverse platforms and fields. Some of these services are list below.

  1. Unix / Linux based applications and products
  2. Web based applications
  3. Java based applications and products
  4. Main frame based applications
  5. Microsoft based applications and products
  6. .NET based applications and products

Bizdata is proud to provide extremely valuable and critical service for enabling our clients to continue their business without incurring additional overhead of developing and deploying a new system.

Quality Assurance And Testing Services
Outsourcing and off-shoring is the order of the day and Bizdata is proud to assure the customers of Quality Assurance services in this dynamic environment. The quality assurance services range between validation of requirement, verification of installation scripts and documents and inclusion of design features. Our skills in these diverse areas are well known - functionality, load, stress, volume regression testing and performance analysis and have stood the rigor of test and challenges. The QA team is well established and this provides all the strengths in our operations and dealings with customers.

Technical support And Documentation
Bizdata's technical support staff is well equipped to support varying degrees of technical help. We have an experienced team of technical writers that work closely with the development team to make sure that a system or process is documented thoroughly to make it easy for anyone to understand and also to reduce redundant questions.