To ensure a cost advantage, offshore outsourcing is resorted to as an unfailing value enhancer. Enhance of value can be gauged from realities such as:

  1. Leveraging framework provided by outsourcing to ensure additional momentum
  2. Core business operation - concentration
  3. Motivation for organization to gain access to new areas of business
  4. Cost effectiveness assured through well managed and well tuned offshore outsourcing

Analysis of opportunity
A manual for analysis of risks and rewards in outsourcing IT functions is provided through a strategy that takes into account the following:

  1. Your key business objectives
  2. Evaluation of your risks and rewards
  3. Selection and prioritization of IT functions
  4. Portfolio distribution of skills between in-house and outsource
  5. Briefly, to help you determine if outsourcing is the right choice for you and if so its extent.

Offshore Implementation
When the picture is clear about your needs and requirements, Bizdata is ready to provide an offshore solution as part of a formal contract. Our experts are there to assist you to:

  1. Comprehensive master action plan developmemnt
  2. Evaluation of your risks and rewards
  3. Determination of the next step and how to proceed smoothly and efficien
  4. Sign-off of Master Professional Agreement
  5. Sign-off of Statement of Work
  6. Resources and skillset sign-off

Strategy to migrate
As with anything, there are issues, risks and new set of tasks involved in working offshore. We are here to assist you to grasp the challenges and develop a plan to face them. Our experts will help you with

  1. Offshore migration - comprehensive strategy
  2. Structure of the organization
  3. What knowledge needs to be transfered
  4. In order to support the new arrangement, what existing processes need to be modified
  5. Determine what skillset is needed
  6. Transfer or replication of environment
  7. Processes and channels of communication
  8. Management of tasks associated with transition
  9. Transition to new system

Governance Strategy
This is an setup which involves a monitoring and evaluation program to decide on different performance levels and deliverables to be assessed and quantified. Our experts will join you and help your team in manner that would fit in with your business environment. We will also indicate potential areas of improvement and also develop an action plan if required.