We strive to align our customer's business strategy with our proficiency and methodologies in IT services. Our core services are:

  1. Program Management
  2. Architecture
  3. Design & Development
  4. Testing & QA
  5. Digital Ad operations, Campaign management, Search engine marketing services

Bizdata provides a variety of information technology services by employing subject matter experts in the field.

Software development - Experts in the field of software development ...
Our Software Development services provide timely state-of-the-art applications at an affordable cost while exceeding established quality standards. We provide resources that are:

  1. Highly qualified and skilled professionals
  2. Trained and seasoned subject matter experts
  3. Experienced visionaries

and because we are located in the United States and India, we provide round the clock operation and service. Our expert development staff provides system planning, the creation of prototypes, system development and implementation, thorough and comprehensive documentation and on-going support.

Architecture and Design - Versatile, scalable and manageable environments ...
Our Software Design team works to produce an open and flexible architecture designed to easily handle new services and growth while maintaining high reliability, security and scalability. Our approach is to accommodate strategic, customized environments of all sizes that expect both volatile growth, rapid addition of new applications and services, and integration with ever changing business needs. Key activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Develop an architectural prototype that demonstrates and validates the solution
  2. Develop a master architectural plan that outlines the entire architecture, the relation of the architecture to the strategic requirements, and the identification of the commercial-off-the-shelf components and any necessary custom application development
  3. Develop the detailed design of the services-driven infrastructure architecture

Program and Project Management - Managing the business of projects ...
Experienced in Project Management, we manage the business of projects and optimize the business of information technology. Our trained and seasoned project managers:

  1. Ensure clearly defined project scope and goals
  2. Provide clear and effective communication
  3. Assess and manage project risks
  4. Adhere to project timelines and budgetary expectations

Test Engineering and Quality Assurance - A 'quality in all we do' approach ...
All code has flaws, allow the experts at Bizdata to find them. The software test engineers at Bizdata provide thorough and precise software testing through the careful and complete analysis of requirements, specifications and by creating comprehensive test plans. Our test engineers apply a formal testing approach to perform:

  1. Functionality testing
  2. Browser/operating system/platform compatibility testing
  3. Website testing
  4. Performance/load testing
  5. Automated testing
  6. Game/Multimedia testing
  7. Regression testing